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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: replicate A => B, but only docs that exist in B
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2011 01:19:18 GMT
On 6 November 2011 14:14, Gregor Martynus <> wrote:
> Each user has its own DB ("B") of documents which replicates continuously
> to a center DB ("A") which contains all documents from all users. That
> works perfectly fine so far.
> What I'd like to add now are "shared documents", which can be updated from
> others in the center DB ("A"). This changes should be replicated back to
> the owners DB ("B").
> Hope that makes sense so far?
> *IDEA*:
> What I'd love to have would be as simple way where I could start a
> continuous replication "A" => "B" which only replicates the docs that do
> already exist in "B". Is there something like this?

I think you mean, only replicate updated documents that already exist
in B. No I don't think this is possible today directly within the
replicator. But you can ask the replicator to pull or push a specific
set of ids only.

> I though about making a filtered replication "A" => "B" where the filter
> checks if the document exists in "B", but as far as I understand it, the
> filter only has access to the doc from "A", not from "B", right?
> *NOTE*:
> I know I could use a filter that checks for some kind of `owner_id` in the
> documents, but each document has child elements which I want to keep
> atomic, and I do not want to add an `owner_id` attribute to all of these.

What about:

#1 client-driven pull.
run an external process (perhaps from within couchdb itself) that
queries localhost/b/_all_docs, then page through these (if needed),
asking the replicator to retrieve just those specific docs. I assume
you can set up a continuous replication with specific doc keys just as
any normal replication request.

#2 listen on changes feed.
get a list of localhost/b/_all_docs, then pass this to your filtered
changes feed (maybe event driven with
for example) and when the required docs turn up, call the replicator
to retrieve it.


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