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From Jens Alfke <>
Subject Interpreting status of replication from BigCouch
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2011 22:07:15 GMT
CouchCocoa attempts to provide progress information about replications, so the app can display
a progress bar or similar UI, or at least indicate when replication has completed. This is
surprisingly difficult. I got it working well with regular CouchDB, but now I’m re-opening
the can of worms because BigCouch doesn’t use integral sequence numbers and so the status
messages provided by the replicator contain binary goop, for example:

        “status”: "Processed <<\"3264-g1AAAADzeJzLYWBgYMlgTmFQSElKzi9KdUhJMtLLTS3KLElMT9VLzskvTUnMK9HLSy3JAapkSmRIsv___39WEgMDsyGqNhM82pIcgGRSPUynDvEW5rEASYYGIAXUvB-s24F4eyG6D0B0Q-xWzgIA8ZZODg\">>
/ <<\"3264-g1AAAADzeJzLYWBgYMlgTmFQSElKzi9KdUhJMtLLTS3KLElMT9VLzskvTUnMK9HLSy3JAapkSmRIsv___39WEgMDsyGqNkM82pIcgGRSPUynDvEW5rEASYYGIAXUvB-s2wFVtwlB3QcguiF2K2cBAO-bTgs\">>

I’ve updated my parser to be able to tweeze out the two binary blobs, and I figured I could
at least compare them for string equality to detect when the last change is processed. Unfortunately
this doesn’t appear to work. The example above is the last status message I got in a pull
from Cloudant; apparently it’s completed, because nothing else has been copied over in the
15 minutes since, but the two blobs are not exactly equal. (They are _almost_ equal, up to
the last 25 or so characters.)

The unfortunate result is that in the iOS GrocerySync app, the replication progress bar gets
stuck and never goes away.

I realize that these blobs are probably deliberately opaque and their format Subject To Change
Without Notice, but it would be helpful if I had some kind of heuristic about their current
format that would at least let me detect when a replication has ended. Any suggestions?


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