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From Wordit <>
Subject Deployment of populated couch database to mobile
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 15:02:46 GMT
I have a web app I want to deploy to Android. It will remain a web
app, *not* native Java (thanks to the virtues of Phonegap). As far as
I can tell, the current obstacles with CouchDB are as follows:

- CouchDB for Android is intended for native access via Java, At least
from looking at:

Or can I use javascript to access the couch on the Android device?

- Asking users to install CouchDB, or mobile futon, separately is a
dependency which will turn many users away

- Even passing the above obstacles, the db would need to be populated
on the first run

The goal is to have a single, relatively smooth, install process for
the end user. I've been reading user comments on many other apps.
Additional dependencies which cause roadblocks, are frowned upon by
all users except a few geeks who don't mind the extra install and
setup challenge ;-)

Is there any way to ship a pre-populated database with CouchDB itself?
Or at least, CouchDB packaged with the app and then replicate. Asking
the user for additional permission on first run would be okay, or even
running an installer like many Windows applications do when they have
dependencies. Does anybody know of a method?


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