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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: 409 Conflict on attempt to add new document
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:04:55 GMT
Hi Roger,

Cloudant makes 3 copies of each document and, internally, uses a
custom replicator to ensure that all 3 copies are created even if some
copies failed during initial creation. What I suspect has happened
here is that the internal replicator beat you to it. Thus, you'd get a
409, because the document arrived at a node prior to your request as a
result of your request arriving at a different node, but earlier.

BigCouch 0.4 modifies the quorum logic in this scenario to return a
202 status code, instead of 409.


On 23 October 2011 13:41, Marcello Nuccio <> wrote:
> Are you really sure all 6,412 documents have different _id?
> Marcello
> 2011/10/23 Roger Rohrbach <>:
>> I just ran a program to add 6,412 new documents to a freshly-created, empty database.
>> All of the documents were added, but CouchDB reported an error (HTTP status 409 Conflict)
for one of them.  This is troubling for several reasons:
>> The document did not previously exist, but was being added for the first time, like
all the others.  It was also in no way different than those; in particular, the JSON did
not contain a _rev field.
>> Despite the error, the document was successfully added.
>> This would appear, therefore, to be a spurious error.  Could this be a bug?  This
is Cloudant's hosted version (CouchDB 1.0.2, Cloudant build 1.3.22).

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