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From Ron Dyck <>
Subject Re: Intermittent Connection Problems
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2011 13:20:08 GMT
Thank-you CGS for your help. Much of the information you've provided
below is very good. Yesterday evening I think I found the solution.

I've installed couchdb with iriscouch/build-couchdb from
This install uses a different type of start-up script that does not by
default run in the background. I start the script with "./bin/couchdb
&" However as I discovered, using '&' for this script does not really
allow it to run in the background, it requires the switch -b. When I
closed the terminal window, I was getting inconsistent connectivity.
It appears as though I've solved the problem now.

I really appreciate your help in helping me discover the problem.


On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 4:38 AM, CGS <> wrote:
> It seems stable and not that bad to raise the error you spoke of. But did
> you encount the problem while this test was done?
> As you can notice, I am trying blindly to determine if there is a problem in
> your server network configuration. It may be that your server was set up
> correctly and I am sending you to a wild goose chase. I apologize for that,
> but error 111 speaks mostly about a problem in connecting to the server and
> since you reported that there is nothing wrong in the CouchDB log nor in
> your firewall, I do not know where exactly the problem may come from. If
> anyone has a better idea how to debug this, please, by all means, override
> my approach.
> Try to put bind_address a dedicated address (e.g., or
> and restart CouchDB. That's because is listening all
> the bind addresses generally and if there is something wrong in one address
> bind setup, that may cause problems (unlikely, but not impossible). So here
> is what I propose:
> 1. Set your bind_address to and check from the same machine curl
> 2. If it doesn't work, try change the port to 80 (if you don't have anything
> else running on that port) and restart CouchDB as root. Check again, but do
> not add port number to the address.
> 3. If you have something running on port 80, try curl
> (port number not necessary) and if it is working properly, stop your
> application and follow point 2.
> 4. Try the same for
> 5. If it is not working, then stop CouchDB, clear the log and start it
> again. See if reports something wrong in accessing the configuration/log/pid
> or any other file (it can be that the path toward one of those files is
> broken - running as root overrides all the permissions, so, it shouldn't be
> a matter of permissions).
> 6. If anyone has a better idea, please, disregard this post (as I said it
> before).
> If all these are not reporting anything wrong and still you get the same
> problem, you may want to ask for the help of one of the system
> administrators in charge of your server.
> Cheers,
> PS: If I will get any other idea, I will come back with a post.

Ron Dyck

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