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From Pau Freixes <>
Subject Compactation and resource fighing problems
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:26:01 GMT
Hi to all,

Sorry for the subject, could be funny but it's a way to describe in a
few words some problems with my compaction problems, I can try to

Im running a Couchdb instance with only one data base with a some
thousands of documents, every document has only a 1k or lesser of
size. B I have only a one aplication writting and updating 20
documents/second mantained over time and in serial way. I have also
some readers, but may be negligible

The data base increase and eat a lot of space, growing from 0.5 Gbytes
to 2 or more 3 Gb in only few hours. Every hour I run a compaction
task, and here begin the problems.
I have been trying to limit the maxim number of revisions to two, but
it has been impossible.

When compactation task run the write aplication decrease the updating
documents/second but not disturbing. But the problem is when
compactation task try to swap old file to new compactation file. When
it's happen the task compactation run in some wait state and the write
aplication decrease the updating document/seconds down to the few
units and the queue grow delaying each write.

Anyone have a solution to this problem?


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