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From bsquared <>
Subject Re: Doc design / performace
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2011 17:41:59 GMT
Thomas Hommers <>

> Hi,
> i am quite new to couchDB and trying to build a sales application.
> I designed a document as product. One product consist of multiple sub-products that are
unique to one product.
> Next i designed a sales document that consists of multiple products. The quantity of
each sub-product can be chosen independent.
> When i know want to see the total sales quantity, i created a view that runs through
all sales-docs and emits the sold quantity, with the product- and sub-product-number as keys.
This way I am able to see the sold quantity by product and by sub-product with a reduce function.
> The problem i am facing is that it takes a long time to display an overview of all quantities.
> Did i maybe design something wrong and should take another approach? e.g. maybe I should
create a doc for each sub-product instead of having them all in one product-doc? Would this
be faster?
> I am really thankful for any advice, hint or comment.
> Regards
> Thomas

Recently there was a post to this group about using s3 paths. That may
be of some interest to you.

I'm sorry that I don't have a direct link for you.
Brian Winfrey

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