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From Roger Rohrbach <>
Subject Re: 409 Conflict on attempt to add new document
Date Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:30:39 GMT

 Ah, so it's a BigCouch issue.  Thanks for the explanation.

What can I do about this in the interim?  I guess I have to check to see if the document was
inserted whenever I receive a 409 after PUTing the first revision of a document (as I think
of it, I'm pretty sure I was also seeing this with attachments)?

As an aside, I'm not sure 202 is the right status to return in this case.  The replication
you're describing is an implementation detail, and in fact at least one copy of the document
was stored in this example.  So, unless BigCouch exposes this replication externally (e.g.,
provides a link with the 202 response that lets clients determines whether replication completed
successfully), I'd say that 200 is appropriate.  A non-commital response, absent the ability
to follow up, leaves the client in an uncertain position.


On Oct 23, 2011, at 4:04 PM, Robert Newson wrote:

> Cloudant makes 3 copies of each document and, internally, uses a
> custom replicator to ensure that all 3 copies are created even if some
> copies failed during initial creation. What I suspect has happened
> here is that the internal replicator beat you to it. Thus, you'd get a
> 409, because the document arrived at a node prior to your request as a
> result of your request arriving at a different node, but earlier.
> BigCouch 0.4 modifies the quorum logic in this scenario to return a
> 202 status code, instead of 409.

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