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From CGS <>
Subject Re: High latency (40ms) and low request rate (10 rps) under windows
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 07:18:12 GMT

I do not quite understand why to lose 1 day from your customer data. If 
you mean by that the time to upgrade your software, I suppose you don't 
need one day, but maximum few seconds to switch to the new version 
(e.g., if you use Erlang/OTP, you can just upgrade the software without 
any need to stop your process). I am sure you know why I said few 
seconds, so, I won't enter into details here.

Nevertheless, you know better your project, so, if you consider batch 
mode more useful, it's up to you. My point in the previous post was 
mainly related to

"OMG! My database do 10 requests per second (for ex. Postgres do 1000 
rps on the same hardware with fsync on)
"Forget this, just use BATCH MODE"

which I do not understand its message other than mockery when I was 
trying to give you alternatives. I apologize if I offended you with my 
suggestions. I will choose more carefully from now on to whom I will answer.

Good luck with your projects!

On 10/27/2011 01:20 AM, Konstantin Cherkasov wrote:
> Hi!
>> I am not sure what is your point with this thread because I notice
>> frustration and mockery in your posts, but failing to understand why.
>> Maybe because I am slow, who knows? You joined this and devs list just
>> to prove that CouchDB is slow? If you don't like CouchDB, PostgreSQL is
>> faster and it's all you need (speed for one session in serialized
>> writing), why bother to write here?
> Sorry, but why did you conclude that I do not like CouchDB?
> I've been using CouchDB about a year for different applications, but I'm seriously worried
about its performance.
> I'm trying to draw attention to an issue (quite possibly it actually exists).
> And yes, to find out what the problem is I'm trying to compare the behavior of different
> databases on the same hardware.
> Recently quite tricky bug in couchdb-python was fixed.
> It was in the code responsible for http and led to unnecessary delays in Restful API.
> As a result, the latency decreased by 4-5 times. This bug has been there for several
> years until someone tested and started asking questions.
> [...]
>> It's not so difficult to create a buffer and to
>> send all the documents at once using this kind of operation
> The keyword is BUFFER (which means "one day I will lose part of customer's data, but
I do not care").
> Actually you don't need any buffer as an external component.
> Just use "batch=ok"(it's 2 times faster than delayed_commits = true) and CouchDB will
buffer for you.

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