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From CGS <>
Subject Re: unique constraint in couchdb
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2011 12:48:33 GMT
Hi Patrick,

I suppose that is more of logic than the tool itself and I suppose you 
may enter the same problem in any DB you may change to (SQL or no-SQL). 
Since CouchDB is using JavaScript, you could as well take advantage of 
that and to set timer condition under userCtx for your user to be able 
to create a document at a frequency no higher than one per minute. I am 
sure there are other options as well, but here was what it came to my 
mind on spot. I hope it will help you at least to think of other 


On 10/20/2011 01:57 PM, Patrick Petermair wrote:
> hey!
> ist there a way to ensure some kind of unique constraint in couchdb 
> other than the document id?
> for example:
> we have multiple documents that each represent a timestamp of a user.
> { user: "", timestamp: "2011-10-20T10:10" }
> { user: "", timestamp: "2011-10-20T11:50" }
> { user: "", timestamp: "2011-08-20T08:11" }
> ...
> ...
> we now want to ensure, that a user can't have 2 documents with the 
> same timestamp .. basically creating a key for user + timestamp.
> the solution so far is to create a view with a key of [user, 
> timestamp] and check after every document creation/update if there are 
> more than 1 documents for a given user + timestamp tuple.
> this obviously has the performance penalty of having to do a seperate 
> db call. it also leaves the db in an inconsistent state until it is 
> resolved.
> the other solution is to use the user + timestamp as document id. but 
> this would require to update the document id whenever the timestamp is 
> edited.
> are there any other solutions? is there something on the roadmap for 
> couchdb that would solve our unique key problem? or is couchdb simply 
> the wrong tool for the job?
> thanks!
> patrick

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