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From "Clarke Bishop" <>
Subject RE: Linux Alternatives for CouchDB
Date Tue, 25 Oct 2011 23:12:09 GMT
Thanks for all your ideas Dave!

I have installed couchDB on windows and I already have an
hosted version, too.

Where I want to end up is:
- Able to use all my Windows development tools
- Have a solid couchDB development setup so I can easily build and test
couch apps
- Be able to run Kanso smoothly

If I run Linux under VMware, and put all my dev files in a shared folder, I
can do all my development, and just switch to Linux to push/run my apps. I'm
also trying to consolidate everything on a USB hard drive, so I can take my
dev environment with me. 

Benoit's tools are cool, too. I'll take a closer look at his new Erica tool.
I found Evently confusing before.

What I liked about Kanso is the ability to serve either HTML or javascript
to the client. And, it has kind of a built-in admin.

I think couch apps have a lot of promise. It's just hard to get down the
learning curve -- There are too many variations. If you already know what
you are doing, no problem. But, it really makes learning hard.

I can always just back up and use an app server language I already know,
probably ColdFusion. But, there's just something cool about having the
database serve the app!


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From: Dave Cottlehuber [] 
Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 4:28 PM
Subject: Re: Linux Alternatives for CouchDB

On 24 October 2011 16:57, Clarke Bishop <> wrote:
> I am setting up a development environment to learn CouchDB. But, I'm using
> Windows.

Hey Clarke,

You can run CouchDB in windows with the same experience as on linux.
Read to make sure
your shell quoting is OK with the various curl examples. Use my
bundled windows installer at
and you'll not need any other bundled dependencies. Just edit the
local.ini file to allow access from other IP addresses (bind_address = and you're away.

For pushing code in/out of couchdb, I usually use couchapp.exe from
although I've not personally tried this specific version.There are a
number of other tools listed on
including kanso as you've noted.

> I tried Cygwin, but kept running into various problems. So, I decided to
> switch to Linux running under VMware. I still think this is the best
> direction.

Yes, longterm get comfortable with linux and skip cygwin, it is
another slow world of pain. Kanso is very cool but I didn't get node +
kanso working on windows natively. You're best off running this in a
linux shell directly.

A good halfway house is to run a hosted couchdb instance, and use
couchapp or a similar tool to push your data up & down. Ryan has a
slick java-based tool for this and there's a whole other slew of these
all listed on

> I downloaded the latest version of Ubuntu (11.10) and installed it. But,
> then I discovered that CouchDB 1.1 support was limited, and I haven't been
> able to get CouchDB installed.

This is probably the most frustrating part of CouchDB - we have
several important dependencies including OpenSSL, Erlang and Mozilla's
JavaScript interpreter. These are very common and often each distro
has differing versions than the ones we'd prefer to use.

So the fastest way to get running is to use a free hosted tier from or I think couchbase also provides an
ubuntu compatible single server install that includes these, but I've
not tried it. Again YMMV as you are discovering!


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