Hello Fred, Dygraph is intended to be run inside a browser, you cannot use it to graph data in a CouchDB list function. What you should do is have the list function output the data in a format that Dygraph can use in the browser. For instance, you could have your list function return CSV data, and provide Dygraph with the URL of the list. -- VN On 29 August 2011 23:51, Fred Smith wrote: > Hi, > > I am trying to add the dygraph js library to CouchDB, so I can graph > data in a list function. > I have downloaded the library, but I don't know where it should go. When > I try create a 'new Dygraph' I get: > error":"render_error","reason":"function raised error: (new > ReferenceError(\"Dygraph is not defined\ ...." > > I feel this is a dumb question, but how do I add an external JS library > to CouchDB? > > Thanks for the help, > Fred > > This is a sample from dygraph that won't work. > > > > > > >
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