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From Behrad Zari <>
Subject Re: Patching MultiView to CouchDB 1.1
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2011 05:14:43 GMT
Filipe David Manana <fdmanana@...> writes:

> Yes, there's a view merging feature in Couchbase. While it's targeted
> for the clustered version, it will be available in the next version of
> the non-clustered version ("Single") and publicly documented.
> It's actually generic enough and allows to merge local and remote
> views (other servers). It also allows to do a merging in a recursive,
> sort of hierarchical, manner. That is, you can merge views with the
> result of other merges.
> It also allows to merge _all_docs from several sources.
> Unlike Norman's patch, it doesn't offer intersection however (and it's
> not a goal to do it).
> Volker is updating it for the GeoCouch world.
> At this point it has a few implementation details specific to
> Couchbase, most of it will go away early this week.
> As soon as I become happy enough with the implementation, and it
> becomes popular, I'll consider it for submission.

I'll be looking forward to see it in Couchbase Single Server 2.0 as you

Can you link me to the technical documentation? I walked 
but found no documentation about couchbase 1.1 and developing on it!


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