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From Marcello Nuccio <>
Subject Re: to CouchApp or not to CouchApp
Date Tue, 16 Aug 2011 13:29:46 GMT
2011/8/16 Robert Newson <>:
> "The only requirement is: if I ask an HTML, give me an HTML, not a JSON."
> If only it were that simple. How about, as in the case for IE, both
> HTML and JSON are exactly equally acceptable? 1.0.x would send HTML,
> 1.1.x will send JSON. Both are wrong depending on what you wanted.
> Empasse.

Sorry, I said it wrong.

What I wanted to say is:
if I request a resource with a mime-type of "text/html", I expect the
response to be "text/html", if the Accept header says "text/html" is
an acceptable format. In this case the value of "q" is not relevant
because we only have the resource in HTML format.


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