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From Mehdi El Fadil <>
Subject [announce] csv2couchdb 0.1 couchapp release
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2011 07:54:50 GMT

I would like to announce the release of csv2couchdb 0.1, a couchapp
designed populate couchdb from data from csv files.

You can manipulate CSV data in various ways in order to generate
couchdb documents and bulk load them to your couch.


    Read local files
        Select multiple files at a time
        Automatic detection of CSV settings (column delimitor,
presence of header row...)
        Preview loaded files to adjust settings
    Customize document to generate
        Filter rows and columns
        Customize header labels
        Generate either one doc per file or one doc per row
        Generate ids based on file name or use couchdb random ids
    Bulk load to couchdb
        Select target database
        Update documents in case of conflict (optional)

Source code is available here:

The app is deployed in cloudant if you want to have a look at it:
. You rather should replicate it to your own couch, as my cloudant dbs
are read-only...).

Tested in Firefox 5 and Chrome, should also work in Opera. IE and
Safari do not support HTML5 file API yet.

Any feedback or comment is welcome.


Mehdi El Fadil

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