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From Martin Matusiak <>
Subject use cases for attachments?
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 09:26:35 GMT
Greetings couchers,

I have thus far only used couch for storing documents. But I now have
two cases where attachments seem to be the thing to use and I'd like
to ask what you think of it.

The first is translations of user generated content. On a multilingual
site it occurs to me that one way to handle translations is just to
have the original document in English and then store clones of it as
attachments, where all the strings are translated. Does this strike
you as a good idea? The alternative would be to store them as separate
documents with a reference to the master document.

The other case is user uploaded files, which are not for public
viewing. It would be easier to serve them as plain static files with
nginx, but since I need an access control it has to go through the web
app layer somehow, and thus it might as well be stored in the database
alongside the document to which it logically belongs. Then when a
request comes in, I do an authorization check, then fetch the file
from couch and write it into the response, a dynamic sort of download.

What do you think?



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