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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: MVCC and update locking
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 18:44:47 GMT
Reads are pulled from the last update that is made available to readers. This is slightly different
than "last MVCC checkpoint (or header write in couchdb internal speak)" in that it doesn't
require that the header was written to disk (if you have delayed_commits=true, etc).

Reads are never locked. They have concurrent access to the database file and can read to the
heart's content. This is because the database is append only, so once they have a pointer
to data on disk, that data will never be changed (until the file is compacted away, but ignore
that for now).

Writes on the other hand aren't locked either, they're just coordinated through a central
writer process. The reason that the synchronous writes is fine is that the writer batches
write requests through the file IO and db update process. Ie, say 1 person shows up with a
write request, the writer goes off to service this request. While its away, 10 more people
show up with write requests. When the writer returns the first request it sees 10 new ones.
Instead of handling one at a time, it handles all 10 simultaneously.

Paul Davis

On Aug 18, 2011, at 1:03 PM, Sean Copenhaver wrote:

> To my understanding each read pulls from the last good MVCC
> checkpoint/revision/what-have-you so there are no read locks due to writes.
> Nor do any reads lock other reads. Then each write on a single file are done
> serially so there are no write locks.
> I believe each database and each view are in their own separate file so they
> can all be written to concurrently. Not positive on that though.
> On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 1:49 PM, Danny Sinang <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> CouchDB claims to be lockless, thanks to its use of MVCC. Both CouchDB and
>> MarkLogic claim to use MVCC.
>> However, states
>> that MarkLogic does read and write locking for updates.
>> Does CouchDB also do the same ? If not, how does it do updates differently
>> ?
>> Regards,
>> Danny
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