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From Walter Torres <>
Subject Re: CouchDB as a windows service.
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 15:31:27 GMT
Ok, ok. I guess I should be very specific....

When I refer to REG KEYS, I do not include KEYS that windows creates
when a SERVICE is installed. To my referring to APP REG KEYS, not

Am I splitting hairs? I don't think so. SERVICE REG KEYS are not used
by the app.

When I installed "erlsrv.exe" as a SERVICE, windows created the
SERVICE REG KEYS. It appears in the  SERVICES control and it allows me
to attempt to start it.

I believe that the error I am getting is because the app is trying to
access an APP KEY of some kind.

As for reading the installer code; well I did that for about an hour
and nothing jumped out at me. But than, I'm not that  experiences with
windows installer.

That's why I asked in here. I was hoping someone who had experience
with the windows would know about keys and might know a work around.

I was really hoping that this group would be a bit different than
other open source groups. I don't know why I would have that
expectation. I ran into the same "resistance", the same "bewilderment"
at the idea of not using an installer when I started working on apache
and on nearly every Linux based app that has a windows binary.

Maybe these replies are thinking they are helping, but read the
replies again. Do they really help with the scenario given? Not from
my POV. They read to me as just questioning my logic not addressing
the issue.

Does anyone gave any experience with windows? With how the app uses KEYS, etc.

I don't have the experience to correct any code and recompile a
binary. And I think that is what will have to happen. I don't believe
there is any reason, none, for the need of a REG KEY, and I'm not
talking about any SERVICE REG KEYS.

Anyone have any ideas or anyone with the bandwidth to look into this?


On Aug 4, 2011, at 9:28 AM, Keith Gable <> wrote:

> On Aug 4, 2011 9:22 AM, "Walter Torres" <> wrote:
>> I have Apache and mySQL running, as a SERVICE, without REG KEYS.
> Impossible. You still have to have the service keys in the registry that
> tell Windows how to start/stop services. Maybe CouchDB is attempting to
> install this for you or expects to read settings from those keys. I'd check
> the source for the installer code and go from there.

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