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From Jason Smith <>
Subject Re: few doubts
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 14:03:40 GMT
On Thu, Aug 15, 1996 at 04:29 AM, Makaveli <> wrote:
> Allow me to introduce first {*gunshot fires*} Makaveli the Don
> Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like the holy Qu'Ran
> **** get shook like 5-0
> My forty-five gun's next to me when we ride, for survival
> Money makin plans, pistol close at hand, swollen pockets
> Let me introduce the topic, then we drop it
> Expose snakes cause they breath freely, see me ride?
> Located world wide like the art of graffiti
> I think I'm tougher than Nitti, my attitude is shitty
> Born on a dopefiend's titty.. huh
> In every city you'll find me
> Look for trouble right behind me
> My Outlaw **** down to die for me, knahmean?
> I hit the scene **** duckin from my guillotine stare
> I'm right there; my every word, a fuckin nightmare
> Get me high, let me see the sun rise and fall
> This for my dogs down to die for yours
> Extreme venom, no mercy when we all up in 'em
> Cut 'em down.. to Hell is where we send 'em
> My whole team, trained to explode ride or die
> Murder motherfuckers lyrically, and I'm not gon' cry
> Me - a born leader never leave the block without my heater
> Two big pits, I call them my bitch **** eaters
> And not a whimper 'til I'm gone
> Thug Life runnin through my veins so I'm strong
> (Ha ha ha)


Indeed, I've also made good use of my heater.

I will extract it from an existing tool and post it to GitHub
tomorrow. Thanks for the reminder, Max!

Iris Couch

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