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From Marcello Nuccio <>
Subject Re: Building substantial "pure" 2 tier CouchApps - feasible?
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 01:18:59 GMT
I am building a pure couchapp to:
  - insert the orders of the clients;
  - insert the modifications requested by the clients;
  - assign the work to the laboratories;
  - track the warehouse.
  - etc.

Not very big, but quite complex because I have many document types and
I must exchange data with lot of legacy systems.

It is an hard work if you are used to RDMS. The most challenging problems are:
  - how to model the data to keep the couchapp simple, efficient, and
easily interoperable with other system?
  - access control: in CouchDB is a brand new world. Everything you
already know on access control is almost useless with CouchDB.
  - you will need to write some external utility to do some tasks, not
only for maintenance.

just my 2cents...


2011/7/12 Andrew Stuart (SuperCoders) <>:
> I'd like to build a rather substantial application, it would be nice to
> build it as a pure 2 tier CouchApp.
> How practical is this really?  Does anyone have experience building anything
> big in this way?  Or are 2 tier CouchApps really only effective for small
> stuff?
> I understand that it very much depends on what the app does, but I'm trying
> to get a general sense of it.
> If pure 2 tier CouchDB apps is an impractical goal then we'll design the
> architecture from the beginning as a 3 tier app and whack in some sort of
> server.
> as

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