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From "Kevin R. Coombes" <>
Subject Re: Weird: the order of 'group' and 'group_level' params is significant
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2011 14:01:53 GMT
To this user, it still smells like a bug....

And I would therefore argue in favor of deprecation.  In the long run, 
it is better to teach people to use "group_level=exact" than to 
repeatedly have to explain this issue to them.  I think it's a bad idea 
to promote behavior (using "group=true") that does not fit with user 
expectations (that "group=true" is simply a binary switch that still 
allows you to set group_level to whatever you want).

I also think making it a "400 Bad Request" is just going to confuse 
users who still won't know why it's bad.


On 7/21/2011 4:10 AM, Robert Newson wrote:
> Rather than deprecate, I'd convert it to a 400 bad request (or leave
> as is). Specifying two different values for the same parameter sounds
> unambiguously 'bad' to me. The fact that it's non obvious to the user
> that they are doing so is further motivation to improve the
> information in the response.
> B.
> On 21 July 2011 03:16, Jens Alfke<>  wrote:
>> Thanks. After Damien explained this to me, I updated the wiki page on view queries
to point it out explicitly.
>> --Jens
>> On Jul 20, 2011, at 3:33 PM, "Robert Newson"<>  wrote:
>>> 'group=true' is an alias for 'group_level=exact', so given that, it's
>>> no surprise that the order matters. You're basically setting the same
>>> thing to two different values, the last value wins.
>>> not a bug, just a quirk.

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