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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Re: Run Local Button - Improving End User Experience
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 07:25:16 GMT
> I would also only want the browser interface.  I don't even want the user to
> know anything resides locally.  Of course they will have to check some
> approval box at some point, but users never understand those anyway.

I agree. Users are very easily confused. A download and run local
option would be way over the top for a large portion of people.
But giving them at least the choice? Is that not at least empowering
them with the option to own their data?

>> To me, making this a nice experience that comes for free with a modern
>> browser is more compelling, but for those who want to run an Apache
>> CouchDB on their own desktop some combination of system-tray and
>> chromecouch work could be cool.

I had stumbled across pouchdb. It looks very cool and promising. Do
you see it being able to be the same as couch?
One issue I see is when developing a couchapp in that way is then
having to think about all the different 'containers' it will be in.
Coming from a java background, this was always a headache (MIDP
profiles, web application containers). I know in the past I asked the
couchdb mailing list about linking local js files into the view
server. One side of the no answer was that it would make couch apps
not portable. Now I can
see the benefit of that.

I guess similar issues with even the desktop couchapp is what
supporting stuff is installed...geocouch, couch-lucerne, elastic

To get desktop couch as a browser plugin seems like work...3-4 main
browsers * 3 main os's. Has anyone tried?

So I think it comes down to some main questions:
1. Are local-remote couchapps end user friendly?
2. How do we handle what couch features are available?
3. whats the best way to implement....browser plugin, webstart like
app, end user standalone install.

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