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From Ryan Ramage <>
Subject Run Local Button - Improving End User Experience
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2011 22:35:20 GMT
I am in the mist of a idea, and wanted to run it past the community
before I took it too far!

As one of couches main features is the ability to replicate couchapps,
I think it would be cool if couchapps
could have a "Download + Run Local" button. Here is what clicking on
that button would do:

1. Have a branded splash start for the couchapp.
2. Start a process that downloads the latest couchdb for the users os
3. Configures the local couch with some sane desktop defaults.
4. Starts replication with the source db.
5. After replication is complete, launch the local browser to the couchapp.

After that, the user would have:
1. a system tray icon (branded for that app) with some menu options
(open local site, open remote site, exit...)
2. a desktop/system menu launch icon.

The main goal here is a smooth experience for an end user for running
a local couchapp, sync'd with the original couch.


I have most of the pieces for this already in some of the apps I have
built. Here is what I imagine:

1. A 'webstart design doc'. A couchapp that would want to use this
would install a design doc. It would look kind of like this:
    Yes, it is using java webstart, which is an old technology, but I
have found it working surprisingly well with couchdb.

2. A small java desktop process. Handles downloading, starting,
stopping, and config of the couch.
   Yes, many of you will say java, blah blah :) ...but I also can see
having an optional couchdb-lucene, or elastic search, embedded in the
java process, connected with the new externals.

So I send it out there, what do you think. Would this be valuable?
Thoughts? Pitfalls? Duplicate projects?


-- - Keep what you hear.
Twitter: @eckoit

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