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From Dave Cottlehuber <>
Subject Re: Backup, Point In Time recovery
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2011 06:58:36 GMT
On 17 June 2011 14:55, Thomas Hommers <> wrote:
> Hi Nils,
>> CouchDB uses an append-only file format, so you can safely use tools like cp or rsync
to easily create a point-in-time snapshot of a database.
> That were my thoughts.
> So it will be replication, then filesystem snapshot of the database with rsync to store
different versions to travel back in time if necessary.
> Does anybody has some other idea? Does anybody know how to "cut" the end of a couchDB
file ?
> Regards
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Good approach.

Its not clear why you want to cut the end of a DB file but dd or
anything like that will do the job. CouchDB will scan back from the
end to find the last valid header so an accurate snip is not required.

I've considered having a replication endpoint that simply logs
_changes to an audit file, something like this would allow you to
replay a specific change if required.


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