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From Marcello Nuccio <>
Subject Re: CouchDB vs RavenDB (Specific features)
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2011 09:04:28 GMT
2011/6/27 Ryan Zec <>:
> *Transactions
> *This is kind of important for me.  An example would be sending scores to
> the database.  When someone sends a score to the database, first I am going
> to store that score as its own entity.  Then I am going to want to update
> the record that stores the total for the day, week, month, etc...  If any
> one of these updates fail, I don't want to any of the updates to save
> (saving the insert is fine).  Is there a way to do this for CouchDB?

I don't think you will need to store a record with the totals in CouchDB.
You should use a view for that.

> *Writing To Disk
> *I really like that RavenDB by default writes to disk as it makes sure that
> when data is sent to the server, the data will be there even if there is a
> power outage or some other event that happens that is out or your control.
> I would rather sacrifice a little write performance to maintain a much
> better chance that data is not lost.  While that data I am storage is not
> super mission critical (like payment information), it is still pretty
> important to the players of the game and important if we want the meta game
> to be successful.  Can CouchDB configured to write to disk instead of memory
> (or does it do that be default)?

You can turn off delayed commits for maximum safety, but make sure to
do some performance test.
You can read about delayed commits at

> *Auto Indexing
> *One thing that is really nice with RavenDB is that is has auto index where
> if you use an index that is not manually create a lot, RavenDB will
> automatically turn the temporary index into an real index for you.  Can
> CouchDB do this?

In CouchDB you build an index by adding a view, i.e. a Map function
and, optionally, a Reduce function. So I don't think it is technically
possible to automatically build it.

...just my 2cents.


PS: I have never used RavenDB so I do not know how does it compare to CouchDB.

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