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From Daniele Testa <>
Subject Problems with ElasticSearch
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2011 10:03:05 GMT

This might be more of a ElasticSearch question, but someone might be
able to help me anyways.

I am using CouchDB as main DB with ElasticSearch (using River CouchDB
plugin) for fulltext search.

I have a database called "apps" where I have a list of mobile applications.

I have created a filter that basically only hits documents that has

When doing a curl:

curl http://localhost:5984/apps/_changes?filter=replication/apps

It seems to work fine, 50 apps is returned.

I have then setup ElasticSearch to use the database "apps" and the
filter "replication/apps"

But in ElasticSearch, I only get 7 "apps", not 50.

Another problem seems to be that ElasticSearch cannot handle nested
objects correctly.

eg. Many of the mobile applications have screenshots like
$doc->screenshot[0]->type = 'png'

When watching the documents in ElasticSearch, it seems like that neep
nested "type" has overridden the $doc->type and show it as "png"
instead of "app".

Does anyone have experience with any of this?


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