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From Thomas Hommers <>
Subject Backup, Point In Time recovery
Date Fri, 10 Jun 2011 07:19:23 GMT

I am fairly new to CouchDB, but reading a lot docs and howtos lately.

I would like to implement a good backup solution for CouchDB that should be able to let me
roll-back and -forward anytime.

I read a lot suggestions to use replication as backup. As long the replicated database won't
be compacted all data would be there as I understood.

I tried some things, but found that after deleting a document from the database, I was not
able to retrieve it's content anymore or "reset" it to an undeleted state. Somebody said I
could just "chop" the end off the database file, but how would I do that until a certain point
in time. Is there any tool?

What I see so far the only way would be a filesystem-snapshot where I could jump to.

Any thoughts, tips and advises about this topic are very welcome.


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