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From Ajai Khattri <>
Subject Re: Limit on the number of databases?
Date Thu, 26 May 2011 15:19:23 GMT
On Thu, 26 May 2011, Glenn Bech wrote:

> I just want to ask if there are limits on the number of databases in Couch.
> I am playing around with embeded Couch on Android and are thinking in the
> line of having
> one database per user, and use replication to push data from the client to
> the server. This will provde for an Excellent "offline" user experience.
> This will of course not work if Couch does not handle unlimited datbases
> very well performance- or otherwise.
> Does this sound like a feasable design solution?

As someone else already pointed out, there is the potential for lots of 
users, so it needs some more thought.

I am also working on something similar (Im an Android developer) and also 
thought about one database per user. But Im thinking it might be better to 
think about sharding from day one, so maybe having a web service that your 
app calls before setting up replication might be a better way to go. The 
web service could assign a specific server to each user so you could 
easily switch to a new server when you started hitting limits.


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