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From Matthew Woodward <>
Subject Question on Load Balanced Configuration
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 17:38:00 GMT
We have two CouchDB servers behind a load balancer and based on some
behavior I'm seeing I had a question about how views get generated in
that kind of setup.

When I create a new view and hit each server in the cluster
individually, it of course takes a while for the view to be created
initially, which is expected.

What's unexpected (at least to me) is that when I hit the cluster,
even if the views have already been created on each individual server
it seems (based on the time it takes for the view to return data) that
they have to be created again.

Also, based on behavior I was seeing this morning, it seems that the
view has to be created for each server in the cluster even if you're
hitting the cluster URL/IP.

To make this more concrete, assume cluster is the URL for the load
balancer, and couch1 and couch2 are the individual servers.

1. hit server1 -> view index is created
2. hit server2 -> view index is created
3. hit cluster -> time delay while view index is created even though
it already has been created on server1 and server2
4. hit cluster again -> if I happen to get bounced to the server I
didn't hit in 3 above, there's another delay while (presumably) the
view index is created

Is there something to do with the host name that ties into views that
would be causing this behavior?

Happy to provide additional details if necessary.


Matthew Woodward / Twitter: @mpwoodward

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