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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Query Local Docs?
Date Mon, 23 May 2011 09:20:43 GMT
There is no way currently to list all local docs, or use them in
views, etc. The purpose of local documents to date is for replication
checkpoints which doesn't need those features.


On 23 May 2011 08:50, Paul Hirst <> wrote:
> On Sat, 2011-05-21 at 01:53 +0100, Jim Klo wrote:
>> Is there a way to query local docs?
> [snip]
>> But is there a way to do a GET /db/_local? or is there some parameter
>> to add to GET /db to include locals?
> I asked this a few weeks ago on IRC and was told there wasn't a way to
> do this. They appear to be totally invisible unless you know what they
> are called.
> However if you are trying to fiddle with the replication documents you
> can discover what they are called by looking in the couch log. When
> replication starts it spits out a message like
> starting new replication "f3f357dd7528fc1983437707dd97780e"
> The MD5 is a product of various attributes of the replication
> source/target like hostname, database name, etc. I don't know the
> precise details.
> The replication document ID is, in this case,
> _local/f3f357dd7528fc1983437707dd97780e
> So you can get it and update it as usual.
> If you aren't looking for replication documents I hope this is useful to
> someone else who is looking for them, as I was a few weeks back.
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