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From Clare Walsh <>
Subject Re: Multiple instances on one machine
Date Tue, 17 May 2011 14:01:33 GMT
Thanks Matt,

That all seems to have worked, apart from the actual starting it 
part...  I must be typing the wrong thing, but it's starting and 
stopping my original couchdb instance... my command is below, feel free 
to tell me which bit was completely wrong and made of fail :)

sudo /usr/local/etc/init.d/couchdb start -a couch.ini

(I did try it with -a couch.ini before the start, and also tried it 
without the start but both times it just complained)

Thanks again

On 17/05/11 14:41, Matt Goodall wrote:
> On 17 May 2011 12:20, Clare Walsh<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way to run multiple instance of couch on the same machine, ie on
>> different ports?
>> The only instructions I've been able to find online were for couch 0.8 and
>> were very out of date... It seems like I would need to make copies of most
>> couch folders and the local.ini files, but some of the things it refers to
>> either don't exist, have changed/moved or seem like they might be the wrong
>> level of nesting :s (
>> I'm using couch built from source in the svn trunk (from Friday) and am on
>> Ubuntu.
> Hi,
> It's definitely possible to run multiple couchdbs on one machine and almost
> everything can be shared if wanted.
> Exactly how you set things up really depends on how you want to run your
> server, but I've used the following to start up a new, disposable couchdb
> instance in a local directory for testing:
> 1. Create an empty directory; cd to it.
> 2. Create a 'data' directory in the current directory.
> 3. Create the couch.ini file below in the current directory.
> 4. Start couchdb using `/path/to/global/couchdb -a couch.ini`.
> --- start of couch.ini ---
> [couchdb]
> database_dir = ./data
> view_index_dir = ./data
> uri_file = couch.uri
> [httpd]
> port = 15984
> [log]
> file = couch.log
> --- end of couch.ini ---
> That actually chains together the two default .ini files, as installed by
> couchdb, and the couch.ini in the current directory. You can use the -c arg
> to couchdb to see the full chain in case you want to customise the .ini
> chain at any level.
> Please note that the above should not be considered a "production" setup but
> hopefully it's enough to get you going.
> - Matt

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