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From Harald Dietrich <>
Subject Re: Production use of Release 1.1
Date Tue, 24 May 2011 07:58:09 GMT
Thanks for the quick reply!

I guess I have to check out the list of open issues more often. After having 
monitored the list for a while I did not see any changes. Last open issue was 
the packaging. And depending on the messages in this list I assumed that is 
all that is planned for release 1.1

Are there any plans for a feature freeze for release 1.1 so one can give an 
estimation of when 1.1. will be ready for production use?


Am Montag 23 Mai 2011, um 10:38:05 schrieb Gabor Ratky:
> Harald,
> there are currently 5 outstanding issues discovered affecting CouchDB 1.1,
> 4 of them being blockers [1]. You should _carefully_ look at those issues
> and see if it can, in any way affect you. For instance, there are two
> blocker issues related to replication so if you are planning on
> replicating inside or to/from your production environment, it could affect
> you. There will be no 1.1 release until these issues are fixed and there
> might be other issues still to be found as part of the 1.1 release
> process.
> Answering your original question, while we benefit from 1.1 improvements as
> well (and have been testing it locally), we will keep running 1.0.2 in
> both our staging and production environments, until the release process is
> complete and 1.1 is officially released.
> Gabor
> [1]
> On Monday, May 23, 2011 at 10:24 AM, Harald Dietrich wrote:
> Hi,
> > we are waiting for the official release 1.1 already for a while. It
> > includes some improvements, which are quite important for us.
> > 
> > As there seem to be no reliable release date, but several people seem to
> > make use of CouchDB 1.1 for a while, I would like to know who is making
> > use of the 1.1 release already and what is your experience in regards to
> > production readiness.
> > 
> > Thanks for your feedback!
> > 
> > Best regards,
> > 
> > Harald Dietrich
> > (iqundu GmbH)


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