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From Ning Tan <>
Subject stray couchjs processes
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2011 18:16:02 GMT
A while back there was a post about stray couchjs processes that had
no apparent resolution. A similar situation happened in our
environment that resulted in hundreds of couchjs processes, which
caused out-of-memory problems for the server.

We are investigating the cause and would appreciate any help in
pinpointing the problem. One thing that was curious to me is, how many
couchjs processes are needed to support concurrent requests. I
couldn't reproduce a large number of couchjs processes in my local
environment. It seems that all my view/filter requests were handled by
just one couchjs process.

The environment that had problems was using 1.0.1. I've been testing
locally with 1.0.2.  Would that make any difference?

Also, the problematic environment had proxies sitting in front of the
couch boxes, so that's another variance in our analysis. But it's hard
to tell without knowing the relationship/cardinality between an HTTP
connection and a couchjs process. In the original post, connections
not properly closed were hinted as a potential culprit. However, it's
still unclear to me how mishandled HTTP connections can result in
multiple couchjs processes. If I'm not mistaken, couchjs only talks
via stdin/stdout and is not handling a connection directly.

Sorry if this question doesn't have enough information. We are still
in very early stages of our analysis and don't have a lot of leads


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