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From Andrew Tunnell-Jones <>
Subject Re: Peer-to-Peer Replication
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 18:22:58 GMT
I've been pondering a subset of this problem as I want to implement
opportunistic replication. I'd like to use DNS Service Discovery
(often referred to as ZeroConf) and I've already written an Erlang
interface to Apple's Bonjour DNSSD API[1] which works on OS X and
Linux via Avahi's compatibility layer. The code should be portable to
Windows but I've not gone there yet.

Slight digression - Apple Bonjour on OS X and Windows can be
configured to advertise and browse services over the internet (it'll
setup a port forward via NAT-PMP or uPnP if needed/available) via any
DNS server which supports DNS Update and has an appropriately
configured zone[2], though it works a lot better if the server
implements Apple's extensions for real-time updates (DNS-LLQ) and
automatic record expiration (DNS-UL). (I've written a CouchDB backed
one that does[3].) Avahi's wide-area support is read-only, though
their trac install indicates write support is slated for 0.7[4].

Back to CouchDB - I haven't worked out the exact mechanics but I'd
like to do something along the lines of starting an SSL mochiweb
listener and then advertising it using the hash of the SSL cert
(self-signed or otherwise) as the service name. As part of the service
advertisement, a user-friendly text identifier would be included that
can be arbitrarily changed (as the cert hash is the real identifier).
The SSL transport would require mutual acceptance of certificates
which would be configured by POST'ing a hash to a particular URL. A
list of services (hashes) and further information on a given service
(including the friendly identifier) would be retrievable via other
URLs. Replication would be configured in a similar manner to
_replicator with schema being dropped from target/source URLs and a
peers hash being used in place of a hostname. Continuous replication
would be persisted between restarts and then setup and torn down as
services appear and disappear.

Keeping in mind this is mostly conjecture at this point, any thoughts?


2. (dated)

> From: Ryan Ramage <>
> To:
> Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2011 09:40:48 -0600
> Subject: Re: Peer-to-Peer Replication
> I think we are missing the issue. We do all agree that couch is great
> at replicating when it has been wired up with src and dest urls.
> The issue is more around creating a distributed graph management to
> handle nodes (couches) in a peer to peer manner. I don't think this
> space has been really explored.
> For a local network, there are lots of service discovery protocols
> that you could use, something like
> or
> but of course this would be outside of what couch does. I think
> BigCouch may have something like that built in, but someone from
> Cloudant would have to confirm.
> For a more p2p system, this is a much harder problem. For one, you
> mentioned the network ports. If you are imagining average people using
> this, then you would have to deal with managing port forwarding using
> Internet Gateway Device Protocol. At least one couch on the end of a
> replication would have to be able to be accessed by http through a
> router. You would want a user friendly way to do this.
> Next is managing the graph. This is hard. No help from couch again.
> Nodes going up and down, etc.
> It would be fun to see some work done on this. For extra points it
> would be cool if it where done in erlang and could be contributed into
> the couch core :)
> Ryan

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