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From Stuart Wakefield <>
Subject Encoded slash (%2F) in replication
Date Mon, 04 Apr 2011 14:18:43 GMT

I have the same issue as was described in:

Namely, I have couchdb behind an apache frontend. I need to be able to
replicate between that and another instance.

When the client starts replication it does a GET on a uri to couch
(and hence apache) like:


I don't have access to the apache configuration and it is configured
to return its default 404 response to any request which includes an
encoded slash (*). And as the default response is an html page couch
tries to decode this and promptly raises a decode error.

If i replace the "%2F" with a plain "/" then the command works.

>From a previous reply(**) i see advice to change apache configuration
so it allows urls of this form, however i am unable to do this as
apache isn't under my control.

Is this the use of an encoded slash a deliberate decision or is there
a plan to replace it with a plain one in a later version?


Thanks in advance


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