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From Benoit Chesneau <>
Subject [ann] refuge couchdb distribution
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 15:56:34 GMT
Hi all,

While working on the refuge project (more soon about it I promise), we
needed a custom distribution of CouchDB that would allow us to embed
it in our own project using rebar. *refuge couchdb distribution* is
just that, a custom distribution of couchdb using rebar that only
require erlang to be installed. Other features are:

* Apache CouchDB 1.2x based (current trunk right now)
* Geocouch integrated
* Fast json encoding/decoding using eep0018 module.
* No dependancies but erlang. Modules are statically linked against
spidermonkey and icu provided during installation.
* Compatible with MacOS and Linux, support for BSDs and Windows is
coming. (binaries too)
* Fully opensource. All the sources are on refuge GIT repository
( under Apache License 2.

More features will be added in near futures, mostly modules we will
use in refuge and we will keep it in sync with Apache CouchDB changes.

To install and find more info about it go on .

Hope it will be useful,

enjoy :)

- benoƮt

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