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From Nils Breunese <>
Subject RE: JSON transform - Analogous to XML/XSLT
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2011 13:53:00 GMT
I guess "that" is called JavaScript.

Van: Scott Stroud []
Verzonden: vrijdag 8 april 2011 15:38
Onderwerp: JSON transform - Analogous to XML/XSLT

My apologies if this has brought up previously, I couldn't find it in the archives ...

Is there any tools/frameworks/specs to transform JSON?  In a similar
approach as XSLT is to XML. Basically I have an inbound JSON doc that I
do NOT want to save in CouchDB in that format.

I'm a CouchDB newb but from what I've gathered so far is that Couch
design docs (views) provide javascript functionality to create a new doc
 but thats after its already been added.  I would really like to just
"transform" the doc prior to it being saved in CouchDB.  I'm sure there
are approaches that use views to submit a new "transformed" doc based
off the original, but I would really prefer something that does it "pre
commit".  Also there are other aspects in our system that are not
related to CouchDB but I anticipate could leverage "XSLT for JSON".  I'm
 sure that you could use one of the JSON to XML parsers and then use
XSLT and then transform it back to JSON, but that seems like overkill to

I also saw JSONT that attempts to do what Im requesting but either the
documentation is minimal or for some other reason, it doesn't appear to
have delivered.  So I would prefer some approach that is not coupled
with CouchDB, but if "that" does not exist any advice on a CouchDB
approach would be appreciated.  But a week into using CouchDB I've been
 impressed with how simple & clean using it is.  Thanks.

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