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From "Andrew Stuart (SuperCoders)" <>
Subject Need to get total rows of startkey/endkey range for paging
Date Sat, 02 Apr 2011 05:27:58 GMT
Hey there folks

I am issuing a query to a view which uses startkey and endkey to  
constrain the range of values to be retrieved from the view.  Within  
this I am using skip and limit to page through the results.

The problem is that I need the count of the number of total rows, not  
of the view, but of the range defined by startkey and endkey.

This is needed because I am putting the data into a paging grid, and  
the paging grid needs to know the total rows so it knows how big to  
make the grid and so it knows where the bottom is.

If you are interested here is a sample query:

Views do of course return the total number of items in the view, but I  
need not the total items in the view but the total items in the  
startkey/endkey range.

Can anyone suggest if this is possible?


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