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From Deistl Ross <>
Subject rewrite startkey endkey
Date Sun, 03 Apr 2011 19:44:33 GMT
After searching various sources I can't find a solution, or I don't understand.  If have a
string "endkey=%22471345585383%22&startkey=%22471345585383%22&descending=true" when
sent to the appropriate _view yields the expected result. I create this rewrite, 

"from": "/stufffixq/:val",
       "to": "_view/test6",
       "method": "GET",
       "descending": "TRUE",
       "query": {
           "endkey": [":val"],
           "startkey": [":val",{}]

This  string does not work, producing this response,


This response ignores the start and end keys and returns all the results for the _view.

The non-rewrite request show this response,

And returns the correct results

How should the rewrite be written to produce the correct result?

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