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From Clément Vollet <>
Subject Re: Help needed: is couchDB a good fit for my app?
Date Thu, 21 Apr 2011 17:41:28 GMT
Le 21/04/2011 09:39, Ryan Ramage a écrit :
> You might want some architecture like this:
>                   [] Public Docs db           |
>                                                       |  <----- hosted
> [] User 1db    [] User 2 db  []....         |
> ------------------------------------------------------
> [] User1 phone db   [] User 2 Phonedb   []....
> My ascii art is not very good :)
> Then have replication between phone and user db. Then have replication
> from Userdb to public docs db with a filter to take out private
> tags...
Arg, I spammed the ml with a second message since I didn't show mine on
the it. Sorry for that
(and thanks for answering ;).
> Does that work?
Hum, something like that could yes. But I have a question regarding the
stats. First, a tag can only take a value in a predefined set of value
for that tag. So, is it possible that instead of filtering the tag
completely, I update the stat of the value accordingly (+1 if the value
has been chosen by the user, -1 if the user changed to another value or
reset the tag)?

Oh, and also, I read that there is a limit depending on the OS for the
number of concurrent databases. Won't that be a problem if there is a
lot of users (which will hopefully be the case;)?

Thanks again for your answer,


> Ryan
> 2011/4/20 Clément Vollet <>:
>> Hello everybody,
>> First of all, I want to say that I'm quite impressed with couchDB so far
>> (I didn't know anaything about it two days ago...).
>> Second, I'd really want to use it for my app (I stumbled upon couchdb
>> searching for a database that fits my requirements in fact). I manage to
>> cross a few items off my list, but I'm still not sure couchDB is a good
>> fit, and my boss wants an answer by tomorrow.
>> So, to summarize what I want to do (it's really simple in fact): I'd
>> want to be able to have a list of public documents, have a list of tags
>> definition (name, default value, possible values...), and then users can
>> *privately* tag those documents. So, the items and the tag definitions
>> are public, the tag values are private. And finally, I'd like to be able
>> to have stats on those values, like XX% of the users used the same value
>> for this document and this tag.
>> And that's it. It would be in a phone app, and I'd really like to use
>> replication to have a client cache for values and an offline mode. There
>> would of course also be a central server for bootstrap, updates,
>> reliability, ...
>> So, CouchDB seems like a really good fit, but I'm stuck on the privacy
>> thing. What I came with so far, was to have separate documents for
>> items, tags, and tag values, but how can I make sure only the user who
>> wrote the value can read it without per document authorization (I
>> already read the wiki page about that, but none of the solution seems
>> ideal)?
>> Best regards,
>> Clément

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