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From Mage <>
Subject Re: replication
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 18:15:11 GMT
Conflicts will occur any time that edits diverge. It's possible for
> conflicts to occur on replication:
> * Nodes B & C pull document 1 from node A
> * Nodes B & C make & save separate changes to document 1
> * Replication occurs, either between B & C, or from one node to A and
> then to the other.
> Note that continuous replication reduces the time window for conflicts
> to occur, but it will not eliminate them. Thus you must treat conflicts
> not as an "exceptional case" but as an expected state.

I could not trigger conflict straight by the replication. I mean that
one version of the document just totally lost when I started the


Node A            Node B
Version 1         Version 1
Version 2-A       Version 1
Version 2-A       Version 2-B
Version 2-B       Version 2-B

If I, for example, open two browser windows for the same document on
same database, conflict can happen: I start editing in the first window,
I start editing in the second, I save the second then I save the first.
Conflict happens. This is fair and clear situation.

However if I do the same with two nodes (databases) and I start
replication after the modifying I just lose one version of the document.
On both nodes.


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