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From Mage <>
Subject Re: replication
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2011 17:19:17 GMT
        Dear Owen,

On 04/11/2011 06:37 PM, Owen Marshall wrote:
> IIRC network errors won't kill replication -- it will merely keep trying
> until the connection is re-established and then come back into sync. But
> I could be wrong here...
I pulled out the ethernet cable from the laptop for about 5 minutes then
plugged back and continous replication didn't get restored.

However calling some cronjob once per minute seems to be acceptable.
Until a new vesion comes out with permanent replication feature.
> Are you *sure*? Think very carefully here.
> IMO, conflicts should not be seen as "bad". Instead, they should be seen
> as an intermediate state that should be resolved as soon as possible.
> If you design your app to watch for _conflicts: true, and handle the
> conflicts in a way that makes sense to your application, you will be
> much happier -- not only will your application "just work" without your
> pager vibrating 24x7, but you may find that your app will be able to do
> things you hadn't thought of before.
In the meantime I played a bit with CouchDB and realized that conflicts
happen when: I start working with a document on node A => I modify and
save the same document on node B => Replication happens => I try to save
the original object on node A.

So conflict can happen not during the replication but on save if I am right.

The strange thing is, at least for me, that if I modify a document on
node A *when there is no replication* for example if the link is dead
then I modify the same document on node B and after that I start
replication then the later version of the document wins and the other
version becomes "lost" without any trace. It doesn't even stays there as
previous version. At least as I experienced so far. I might missed

I am not saying this is wrong I just never used a distributed database


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