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From Michael Zedeler <>
Subject Re: [somewhat off-topic] Any good perl modules for consuming CouchDB? Having trouble with Perl's CouchDB::Client
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2011 20:46:42 GMT
Hi all.

On 2011-04-01 09:19, Paul Hirst wrote:
> So far I've found CouchDB::Client to be the best module for Perl.
> Net::CouchDB seems to have disappeared and AnyEvent::CouchDB didn't work
> for me (threw errors in the AnyEvent::HTTP module) and might be a
> paradigm you don't want to use.
If you report issues in AnyEvent::CouchDB but don't get any response 
from John Beppu (the author), feel free to forward them to me. I've 
written a number of patches that he kindly included in the module and I 
have an interest in keeping the module up to date.

I am currently using AnyEvent::CouchDB against CouchDB 0.11. It should 
work with later versions too.

The module is slightly higher level than CouchDB::Client, but the 
performance is a little lower on very large data sets. Besides that, it 
uses asynchronous I/O for everything, making it very easy to send many 
requests to CouchDB in parallel.



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