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From Zdravko Gligic <>
Subject Massively Distributed CouchDB Replication
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 20:28:02 GMT

I am relatively new to web development. I am using Adobe ActionScrpt3
in Flex (online) and AIR (desktop), mostly as a shield from having to
worry about all of the different browser issues.  I am developing an
ethnic community site and am experimenting with AIR custom installers
and possibly using WinCouch, instead of SQLite that is embedded into

All of my thinking so far has revolved around a centrally hosted
CouchDB that all of the end users replicate to/from.  However, since
CouchDB is itself p2p, how feasible (or realistic for a noob) would it
be to think in terms of client/user CouchDB's being replicated to/from
central and other client/user copies? While I have never done any p2p
programming, I am imagining that CouchDB itself is capable of all of
the p2p communication. What I would likely need to develop would be
the part that acts as a "traffic cop" so that the end client/user
CouchDB copies would need to know who to replicate with in order for
all of them to end up being fully replicated.

I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.


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