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From Paul Davis <>
Subject Re: CouchDB over a Windows network drive
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 15:15:58 GMT
On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 5:57 AM, Rob Pettefar
<> wrote:
>  Hi guys
> I have just been trying out a way of storing the actual database and views
> files on a different drive to the application (the final setup needed is for
> the majority of data to be held on a NAS system).
> This has lead me to find strange behaviour when using storage over a Windows
> network. If a network address is used, eg "\\computer\couch" which resulted
> in CouchDB working except that any databases created will not actually exist
> in the system once they have been navigated away from (I was using Futon for
> database creation and navigation).
> Further, mapping the area to a network drive seems to cause the "Firefox
> can't establish a connection to the server" page to pop up if the IP + port
> is entered.
> The only way I have found to allow me to have CouchDBs databases to be held
> in a different location to the server is to install it on the network drive
> and run it from there.
> Am I doing things wrong or is network storage a genuine problem with
> CouchDB?
> Thanks for the help guys
> Rob

We don't really support running CouchDB on NFS so I wouldn't really
expect to see things work on Windows networking drives. Your
particular error seems a bit odd, but I would expect it to be a result
of Erlang's internal file handling as opposed to anything CouchDB is
doing explicitly.

Your best bet might be to try and create a small test case in Erlang
that writes files to that drive to see what happens.

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