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From David Coallier <>
Subject Re: DocumentRevisions - any way to make sure they will always be available?
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2011 21:04:32 GMT
> I'm very interested in CouchDB's DocumentRevision features because i
> want to be able to store historical data so i can later consume it and
> see how it progressed over time.
> So my idea would be to simply add a timestamp and that timestamp
> SHOULD be enough to let me know a new revision has been registered.
> The thing is, according to the documentation, we cannot guarantee the
> revisions will be available once the DB is compacted:

Revisions in CouchDB aren't like a "wiki revision system". They are
used for updating documents and used internally by the replication

You could however manage revisions from within your documents but I'm
afraid you'll have to build it on your own terms :)

David Coallier

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