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From Zdravko Gligic <>
Subject RE: suggestions on how to structure a delicious clone
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 18:46:23 GMT

I am working on something very similar where instead of less formal
"tags", my use case involves more formal "categories" that are at
least somewhat hierarchical in nature.

So, one of my struggles is whether I have to place each doc into both
its child and its parent/grand parent categories.  I would not need to
do so, if somehow I could submit a single request for multiple
start/end key values.

With respect to your question regarding a view of single user's
entries, why is that any different than all other tags.  That is,
where a "user id" is yet another tag by which a doc gets classified?

I am also using the concept of small docs with 4 fields (docid,
userid, date/time & action) for both the classification and as a log
of the various activities of what each user ended up doing with
respect to a doc.  In fact, one of those activities would be
classification itself.  Furthermore, it is 1 or more entries in this
table that would cause a doc to be inserted into any one
classification categories and corresponding views.  I am not yet sure
how to do this as it sounds as if a map/reduce function would be what
produces a view.  However it has to work such that if a bad entry gets
pulled that also the classification view entry also gets pulled.
Perhaps somebody could give me some hints on this.


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