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From Robert Newson <>
Subject Re: Full text search - is it coming? If yes, approx when.
Date Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:30:22 GMT
I am a CouchDB committer and author of couchdb-lucene. :)


On 28 March 2011 10:44, Andrew Stuart (SuperCoders)
<> wrote:
> Hi Robert
> "there are no publicly known plans to build a native full-text indexing
> feature for CouchDB."
> I don't know who is who around here as yet - are you commenting from inside
> knowledge or as an end user/developer?
> Thanks
> On 28/03/2011, at 8:24 PM, Robert Newson wrote:
> I have to dispute "There does not seem to be much understanding that
> this could be a killer feature."
> Obviously full-text search is a killer feature, but it's trivially
> available now via couchdb-lucene or elasticsearch.
> What people are asking for is native full-text search which, to me, is
> essentially asking for an Erlang port of Lucene. We'd love this, but
> it's a huge amount of work. Continually asking others to do
> significant amounts of work is also wearying.
> To replace a Lucene-based solution and match its quality and breadth
> is a huge chunk of work and is only necessary to satisfy people who,
> for various reasons, don't want to use Java.
> To answer the original post, there are no publicly known plans to
> build a native full-text indexing feature for CouchDB.
> B.
> On 28 March 2011 10:15, Olafur Arason <> wrote:
>> There does not seem to be much understanding that this could be a killer
>> feature. People are now relying on Lucene which monitors the _changes
>> feed.
>> Cloudant has done it's own implementation which I gather through the
>> information they have published makes a view out of all your word,
>> they recommend java view because you can then reuse the lexer from
>> Lucene. Then I think they are reusing the reader of the view to make
>> their query. They have a similar syntax as Lucene for the query interface.
>> They are still working on this and I think they don't have that much
>> incentive to opensource it right away. But they have in past both
>> opensourced there technology like BigCouch so I think it's more a
>> matter of when rather then if.
>> I think this is a good solution for a fulltext search. But I don't think
>> that
>> the java view does not have direct access to the data so it could be
>> slow. But cloudant does clustering on view generation so that helps.
>> But there is also general problem with the current view system where
>> search technology could be used.
>> The view are really good at sorting but people are using them to
>> do key matches which they are not designed for. They beginkey and
>> endkey are for sorting ranges and are not good for matching which
>> most resources online are pointing to.
>> For example when you do:
>> beginkey = ["key11", "key21"]
>> endkey = ["key19", "key21"]
>> You get ["key11","key22"], ["key11", "key23"] ... ["key12","key21"],
>> ["key12","key22"]...
>> which makes sense when looking up sorting ranges but not using it to
>> match keys. But you can have a range match lookup but only on the
>> last key and never on two keys. So this would work:
>> beginkey = ["key21", "key11"]
>> endkey = ["key21", "key19"]
>> The current view interface could be augmented to accept queries
>> and could make them much more powerful then they currently are
>> and just using the keys for sorting and selecting which values you
>> want shown which they are designed to do and do really well.
>> This would be a killer feature and could use the new infrastructure
>> from Cloudant search.
>> And don't tell me the Elastic or Lucene interface could do anything
>> close to this :)
>> Regards,
>> Olafur Arason
>> On Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 04:31, Andrew Stuart (SuperCoders)
>> <> wrote:
>>> It would be good to know if full text search is coming as a core feature
>>> and
>>> if yes, approximately when - does anyone know?
>>> Even an approximate timeframe would be good.
>>> thanks
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