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From Zdravko Gligic <>
Subject RE: Full text search - is it coming? If yes, approx when.
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2011 11:49:45 GMT
I have a bit tricky use case of super tagging or rather a somewhat
hierarchical docs categorization. Several CouchDB gurus have suggested
that I should look at Lucene and such.  My problem is hosting because
I would most rather go with a cloud solution such as Cloudant and
forthcoming (I hope it's still forthcoming) CouchBase.  Comparatively,
I have very little amount of data - large number of tiny docs that are
indexed every which way possible - such that the size of views dwarfs
the size of docs.

The full-text-searching problem is best illustrated by the
full-text-searching hosting state of affairs at Cloudant and CouchBase
- the only two commercial companies worth mentioning within the
CouchDb community.  Neither one uses Lucene out of the box and only
Cloudant has their own solution.  This means that I could not use a
redundancy-performance perfect Master-Master replication that is
hosted by both.  This is why either full-text-searching needs to
become CouchDb's internal first citizen or our hosting friends need to
internalize and make Lucene their first class citizen.

P.S. I love both but ...

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