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From Dmitry Stropaloff <>
Subject Rewrite urls and views issue
Date Fri, 04 Mar 2011 08:06:22 GMT

I'm trying to rewrite urls for my views (application will use CouchDB
virtual host):

"from": "/views/*",
"to": "_view/*",
"method": "*",
"query": {}

So, when I try to access db/_design/db/_rewrite/views/
in log there is such info: rewrite to "/db/_design/db/_view"

As expected, I get {"error":"method_not_allowed","reason":"Only
GET,POST,HEAD allowed"}

But if I try to reach some view function - db/_design/db/_rewrite/views/all
in log I get a very strange (for me) message: rewrite to

And then I get 404 response. I can access view via standard URL:
db/_design/db/_view/all and everything works fine. And my other
rewrite rules works fine too. I can reach my view with the following
rewrite rule:

"from": "/allview",
"to": "_view/all"

Where I'm doing it wrong?

CouchDB 1.0.1, CouchApp 0.7.6, Ubuntu Linux 10.10

All the best,

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